“I’ve already got a website that’s been fine for years. I really don’t need a new one! Right?”




It’s a statement that many businesses make. They’ve had a website designed a few years ago, mainly to get an online presence, and then left it. Perhaps in the vain hope that it will make it’s way to the top page of Google or somehow connect potential customers to their business while they’re browsing the internet.

Important changes in website design

If you’re website hasn’t been updated in the past five years then it will have missed-out on quite a few very important changes, two of these being GDPR and the emergence of responsive websites. Technology and how we use the internet is constantly changing. With faster internet speeds, larger mobile phones and the rise of social media, your website needs to be taking advantage of these advances and new trends.

Your old website is competing against new sites that utilise these new trends, Facebook and Twitter feeds, large image driven pages that catch attention and a website that, when viewed on a mobile phone or tablet automatically changes it’s structure to make it easier to navigate on a smaller screen. This is the age were customers expect everything to happen instantly – if your website doesn’t engage with them in the first few seconds then they simply move on to the next site.

Outdated information about your company

You don’t want to be showing photos of employees that left a while ago or products that now look outdated and old-fashioned. I know it may seem obvious but if you have moved business premises or updated your phone number – has this been reflected on your website?

What is my website saying about my business?

Take a few moments to look at your website and then take a look at some of your competitors websites – which site would provide potential customers with a more enjoyable experience? Be honest, this is your shop-front in the digital world, it’s how visitors see your business and reflects your values. View it on a mobile phone or tablet, does it adapt to the smaller screen size of is it just the same as the desktop version? Is the information up-to-date? Is it GDPR compliant?

I want to update my website but don’t know were to begin

Not a problem. This is where we can help. Simply give us a call or contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling to start designing you a brand new website that you can be proud of.